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 Progress made on launching roms with artwork on secondary monitor, need some help!

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PostSubject: Progress made on launching roms with artwork on secondary monitor, need some help!   Sat May 04, 2013 2:37 pm

Hey all! I've been working on getting artwork to display on a second monitor when a game is launched. I was wondering how I could implement this into EO commanline so a png with the same name as a rom will get launched. The commanline .bat looks like this:

@echo off
rem Stella
start Adventure.png

stella.exe "Adventure (1978) (Atari).a26"

TASKKILL /F /IM FSViewer.exe

I am using faststone viewer for my artwork and I just drag the program to the second monitor, make it fullscreen and set my images to open automatically with Faststone. One of the big problems I'm having with this method is that my primary monitor which runs the emulator gets minimized to the taskbar. I have to click on the emu icon to get it to open and it goes to the emu menu which I then have to then close in order to get to the game. This is how it is with both Stella and MAME...

I guess my two questions if anyone can help would be:

1. How to get the primary monitor not to be minimized (lose focus). Artwork launches fine of second monitor though

2. What commandline can I add to EO so an image will launch simultaneously when I launch a rom? Right now I have to create a batch file for every rom which includes the name of each individual rom and artwork file. I'm pretty sure the right commandline added to EO can be able to launch an artwork file which coordinates with the name of the rom being launched...

Thanks a lot in advance! Maybe someone can help out with this. GameEX and Hyperspin are implementing this into their FE's and there's no reason EO should be left out! MAME has a way of doing this natively but it never really worked right for me...
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Progress made on launching roms with artwork on secondary monitor, need some help!
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