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 Renaming Problems x.x

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Renaming Problems x.x Empty
PostSubject: Renaming Problems x.x   Renaming Problems x.x EmptyWed Dec 22, 2010 8:26 pm

Hello. Love the organizer! Its helped a lot, though shifting through Google for images for all of my games is quite a nuisance. Haha! But anyways, to get to the problem at hand.

I just recently got this program and fell in love with it instantly. It shortens the work to little to none! However, some games, not all, are giving me problems when I try to rename them. I right click the game, go to rename (I dont want to Real Rename, just in the list), but instead of getting a renaming bar, I get nothing. Like it didn't register somewhere in the coding of the program that I just clicked Rename. So I am forced to click Real Rename, which freezes the program temporarily. I wasn't sure if this was a major problem, but it is for me as I make the dreadful effort of organizing my massive collection of games.

XD Just thought I'd tell you about the problem I'm having. Thank you so much for the awesome program!

And on a side note... What are the file extensions for Disc Image? I'm trying to get Emulator Organizer to read other games that I have, but I don't have their extensions. Currently I have .bin and .iso listed. What else should I do?
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Renaming Problems x.x Empty
PostSubject: Re: Renaming Problems x.x   Renaming Problems x.x EmptyThu Dec 23, 2010 12:41 am

Thank you very much for your report , you are welcomed any time , feel free to post as much as you can , at any time
try to download the latest version , then make sure you already install dot net framwork 3.5 sp1 from microsoft web site , if the problem presists then follow this procedure:
F:\Documents and Settings\croser\Local Settings\Application Data
f: is the operating system drive
croser: is the name of your user account
just browse in "Application Data" you'll find folder called "AHD", just whip it out (delete)
now the EO reset to default , you need to launch it and open your last saved project and set option "remember last opened project"
that's it , the program now should work fine
disk extension , well , it depend on console you are trying to play it's game, like play station 1 depend on cd so ps1 emulator needs this disk image , common extension for ps1 disk image are :
.bin .img .ccd
If you have real ps1 cd , you can use software to turn this cd to image , so ps1 emulator can recognize it like real cd
thank you and you are welcomed
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Renaming Problems x.x
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