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 Important:What is this command stuff

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Important:What is this command stuff Empty
PostSubject: Important:What is this command stuff   Important:What is this command stuff EmptyThu Mar 24, 2011 12:42 am

So you have write too many command lines and you want not to loose em
Here come the xml command line feature , to help you save the command lines you already write for your beloved emulator so you can use em any time by just simple load procedure
You have nes emulator and you want that emulator to start in some condition like start some game in full screen, mute the sound or even change some complicated configuration in that emulator with out need to enter it's configuration windows , This emulator should accept command lines.

Before we start , make sure you already have Emulators Organizer opened and have at least (one console with one emulator and one rom )
Step of exporting/Importing xml to/from your local hard disk:
1- Right click at any emulator in Emulators Organizer interface
2- Choose properties
3- Add some command lines, you can organize them by category like picture below
Important:What is this command stuff Command1_1
4- Now simply cliack on floppy icon to save the xml or on load icon to import any previous saved xml

You see , this is simple , Share people and the world your saved xml
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Important:What is this command stuff
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