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 Renaming options and help

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PostSubject: Renaming options and help   Wed Dec 21, 2011 8:07 pm

First, I must say this is the best emu organizer I have ever used and I LOVE it!! I have a few questions about renaming options.

Is there any way to mass rename all my roms based on a .DAT file or anything similar? Is there any way to automatically rename my covers to match the rom name, after the cover has been added? I know these issues are just me personal opinions but I have a number of roms and naming them one by one is a pain in the a**!!

I have tried a number of rom renaming utilities and every single one I have tried does not work right. I cannot find a rom re-naming app that will name your roms based on a certain parameter, (i.e just the rom name instead on Super Mario Bros. (U) (!).nes).

Last thing, I don't know if I can request features or not, I'm sure you're busy, but is there any possibility to add a way to drag and drop my cover pictures on the matching rom? Would make adding covers much easier if you could just drop the cover on the roms name??? Just asking. Again, I love your app and look forward to watching it evolve. If you ever need any bug or beta testing done let me know.

Thanks for your time!!!
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PostSubject: Re: Renaming options and help   Thu Dec 22, 2011 7:32 pm

Thank you and you 're welcomed any time
Actually there is an option to rename all the rom to matched name in the database (not .dat file yet)under edit menu called" apply names to file" ,this option rename all the roms file to matched database or the name displayed in the list,also prompt you to rename covers snaps...., Shocked lol it need to be fixed and I may add more option parameter for renaming
(working but can't rename snaps covers...and other rom related as suppose it to do
I 've schedule drag snaps and cover to rom names,maybe I 'll release some minor version before Christmas with some fixes and changes
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Renaming options and help
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