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 Project64 :The Nintendo 64 emulator

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Project64 :The Nintendo 64 emulator Empty
PostSubject: Project64 :The Nintendo 64 emulator   Project64 :The Nintendo 64 emulator EmptySun Sep 12, 2010 4:40 pm

This emulator burst in fame since the open-source version 1.4. It was started by the designer of the standard plugin system for Nintendo 64 emulators who--with the help of the author of the default plugins supplied with this emulator--brought light to the scene after UltraHLE was discontinued. The graphics plugin is one of the strongest and can support even back to the Direct3D 6 engine for older systems. The DirectSound plugin is the strongest low-level emulation sound device for Nintendo 64 emulation and with the RSP engine used with it has the most complex support for games with special sound emulation needs. Eventually Nemu64's reputation was replaced, and Project64 became known as the most compatible memory emulator for the games in general. It is known to support features in special games no other emulator does presently.

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Project64 :The Nintendo 64 emulator
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