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 Game ISO's compressed into 7z - Help please!

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Game ISO's compressed into 7z - Help please! Empty
PostSubject: Game ISO's compressed into 7z - Help please!   Game ISO's compressed into 7z - Help please! EmptyFri Sep 05, 2014 7:17 pm

confused Hello Guys,,

My name is Rodrigo, I use the EO for some time, he is a great software in my opinion, but I confess that I have a configuration problem and would you help me please.

I use the EO with the following settings:

- If The Archive have more than one file, select the first one (disable)
- Extract archive rom first if (enable)

I'm talking more specifically the TurboGrafx CD system, which possess the ISOs compressed in 7z format.

To emulate this system use the Mednafen x64 emulator with this configuration:

-pce.enable -video.fs 1 1 1 -pce.nospritelimit -pce.pixshader none none -pce.special -pce.scanlines 10 -pce.stretch aspect_int -pce.xres 0 0 -pce.yres -pce.tblur. -pce.videoip accum 0 0 0 -qtrecord.vcodec raw -video.frameskip -video.glvsync 1

The problem is the question that my ISOs are compressed into 7z, for example:

My Game
Psychic Detective Series Volume 3 - Aya - Auto Demo (NTSC-J) [DWES2903] .7z

inside my game 7z
Psychic_Detective_Series_Volume_3 _-_-_ _ Aya Auto_Demo_ (NTSC-J) _ [DWES2903].cue
Psychic_Detective_Series_Volume_3 _-_-_ _ Aya Auto_Demo_ (NTSC-J) _ [DWES2903].iso

And when I run it asks me to choose just one of the above files, or the iso or cue, and EO decompresses only one in the / temp EO.

The Mednafen x64 emulator loads (accepted) only cue extension, if this is missing choose the iso file and the game does not start, choose apena if the iso is missing the cue and the game will not start.

Only with both cue and iso files that the game carries on Mednafen x64 plus the EO only decompresses a file (which I chose in the prompt window).

I do not want to mount the iso in a virtual drive, I charge the same right in Mednafen x64, and this emulator does not support the 7z format to load directly.

My question is:

How to do this in EO, achieving unzip the two files (iso and cue) and not only to choose the prompt window?

I do not know if this is possible, but the EO could unzip all files and "load" just what was stated in the prompt window, so we would not have such problems.

The same problem occurs with the Sega CD ISOs they have even more files on the extruded, for example:


Looking forward to your help and thank you!
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new guy

Join date : 2014-04-20

Game ISO's compressed into 7z - Help please! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Game ISO's compressed into 7z - Help please!   Game ISO's compressed into 7z - Help please! EmptyMon Sep 29, 2014 10:27 pm

Shocked Hello everybody!

I found a way to run the games with multi files, in fact I need the file selection screen the first to ask first unzip the file .cue that generates an error because the emulator does not find the .iso file.

Thus run the same game again and now on the file selection screen i ask to unzip the .iso which is now with the .cue in the / temp EO.

Ready now the game loads correctly, is a very laborious path, because if the game has more than two files in your extrutura, you need to repeat this action until the end of all, think of one of Sega CD iso image with various wav files .

The Emulators Organizer is in my opinion the best frontend for emulators, but would very much like the team included the option "Extract all the archive". So we could choose only the base file that the emulator need (.cue, iso, .bin, .cdd) to load the games properly, thus the program will be 100% functional for compressed ISO's.

Thanks to everyone and that we will soon have that option in this wonderful program!

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Game ISO's compressed into 7z - Help please!
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