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 New version of Emulator Organizer 6.2.15 is on SourceForge

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New version of Emulator Organizer 6.2.15 is on SourceForge Empty
PostSubject: New version of Emulator Organizer 6.2.15 is on SourceForge   New version of Emulator Organizer 6.2.15 is on SourceForge EmptySat Nov 08, 2014 5:26 am

I was looking at [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] to see what new emulators were available and noticed that Emulator Organizer has been updated to version 6.2.15 as of yesterday 11/6.

I hope Croser & AHD don't mind me posting this. I just didn't want anyone else to miss it since I didn't see any update in the forum about it. As always, thank you both so much for the amount of effort you guys put into making this the best emulator frontend around. Thank you!

Quote :
Added: new feature: AI (Archive ID) path, ability to store roms of files in archives. i.e. make a console of all roms of compressed files while these roms are still compressed !
Added: new way to add console, specially for MAME ! ability to add roms from MAME DAT file and all roms can be added including the merged set entries.
Added: ability to import Hyber List XML database file into console.
Added: tool similier to the google search but to search folders for images in the image tabs.
Added: ability to config archive extraction behavior per console with new options.
Added: new option in the detect window allows to remove symbols from names in detect progress.
Added: ability to convert data info item(s) into info tab(s) using the new 'Rom Data Info(s) To Info Tab' tool.
Added: option in rom properties window can make EO ignore a rom path if it is not exist.
Fixed: error with crc compare (in some cases) in database import with some database types.
Fixed: error when trying to export into No-intro dat database file and changing the header xml file.
Fixed: image tabs never save when hiding toolstatus bars.
Fixed: arrow keys not work when attempting to select roms in the roms list and the roms count is small.
Fixed: consoles browser sometimes never show background image (that set by style)
Improved: welcome window can now manage recent profiles list.
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New version of Emulator Organizer 6.2.15 is on SourceForge
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