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PostSubject: ForumRules   ForumRules EmptySun Sep 12, 2010 11:39 pm

Welcome to Retro Gaming forum
Please read the rules very carefully before acting in this forum:

1.Don't post adult materials
Don't post any images containing any sort of nudity including men, women, or any other kind of wierd stuff no linking to porn sites either. any images like that will be removed, and possible will be handed out. This also includes these types of images in avatars, signatures, and profile pictures. No exceptions. This includes trying to avoid it by having links to sites in your profile.This also includes any porn material sent via the private message feature.
2.Don't spam or hack
The staff will remove any topic which has any forms of spam
Do not discuss illegal activities such as cracking or any form of hacking that can be or is used for unethical use (anything that can be used to cause any form of damage onto somebody unwillingly).
3.Post the right content in it's section
The staff will remove any topic which has non related material to the forum,like posting nes rom inside snes section,such action will cause deleting to the posted topic
4.Respect this forum and the member
We don't tolerate anyone who impersonates staff members. If we see this, you will be asked to stop. If you do not, actions will be taken against you.
If you want to kill some one,we expect you to take it to private messages, or to a messenger service.
5.Don't say any thing unmoral
Posts that are racist, sexist, or hateful, will be deleted.
6-No Warez,Provide proper working download link,Don't use server with download limit
This means no retail with games for computers. This also includes such things as programs, non-game related music, movies, cracks, serial numbers, keygenerators, and links to them. This is an retro community, so we don't support nor the trading/linking to, of these things here.
7- No advertising
If you signed up just to advertise something, you will be banned on the spot. This includes trying to avoid it by having links to sites in your profile
English is the official language of the forums. Foreign languages may be used in the Hangout but they are not permitted elsewhere on the board.
9-Link Stealing
Do not steal other people's links. This means do not go to another forum, find a game or other file somebody else has uploaded and repost the links here. Violations will be deleted.
10-No multiple accounts
Do not make multiple accounts. If you do, they will be deleted or banned.
11-Follow the rules
Any one how not followed these rules,The staff will take actions againist him/her
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