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 R.I.P Ali Hadid, 1985 - 2018.

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R.I.P Ali Hadid, 1985 - 2018. Empty
PostSubject: R.I.P Ali Hadid, 1985 - 2018.   R.I.P Ali Hadid, 1985 - 2018. EmptyTue Nov 13, 2018 8:41 pm

I would like to make an announcement, with eyes full of tears and heart full of sadness... Sad
Ali Ibrahim Hadid had passed away, on Teusday 13, November 2018, 10:34 am "Damascus time".
Ali Hadid, my beloved brother, my best friend, a best man i knew, was full of joy and live... Geniues man, was not only behind the creation of EO (i was only the programmer, Ali did all planning, designing and testing) but other many projects and achivements... good man full of morality and goodness, loved by everyone, made friends with everyone and has no enemy...

If i tell the story of how that happened maybe no one will believe me, Ali was in army between 2008 and 2010 and did his duty and honor to serve his country. Due to war, they claimed him again to go to army... 3 weeks ago, the toke him by force, yes by force, they captured him and put him in a cage like a criminal... one week ago, he returned to my home town, but into hosiptal, he was sick, very sick... instead of giving him care in the army, they let him stay in a tent in a mountain area, rain fall all the time and cold... he had influenza at first.. .but days without proper care it got worse, worse that they forced to return him to us... after few days in the hospital, he returned home. After few hours, his heart stopped. The doctors came in hurry and made his heart beat again, but not as fast as enough... he stayed in hospital for few days, with his brain damaged and week heart.. till god got his blessed soul.
My beloved brother, I am sorry, i am sorry that i was not with you when that happend, i would not leave my home 3 years ago if i knew this would happen... you'll always be in my heart, like you've always did... Emulators Organizer will continue as it is, your creation may live on, i know it would not be as it is before, but i will try my best to not let you down.
God bless your soul, rest in peace my brother. Sad Sad Sad
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R.I.P Ali Hadid, 1985 - 2018.
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